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Holiday Lodge holidays have a universal appeal. They're both great for the whole family or as a more intimate accommodation choice for couples. Lodges and cabins are usually set in more quiet, country surroundings to give you that feeling of peace and quiet and green open spaces. As there is usually a lot more room on the site, holiday lodge sites are usually geared up well for outdoor activities, should you wish to indulge, but having the space also means you're usually not living on top of other families or groups.

Lodges and Cabins

Lodge accommodation can range from the traditional wooden log cabin to a super-sized caravan, giving you all the benefits of modern living such as double glazing and central heating.

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Self Catering Lodge Holidays

Have your holiday or short break your way with our wide range of self catering holiday lodges and cabins.

Whether you're taking a holiday with family, friends or it's just the two of you, a lodge holiday offers you the freedom to do what you want, at your own pace - you make the rules! Holiday lodges are also ideal for families with older children where you can use the accommodation as more of a base to go exploring further afield.

About Holiday Lodges

Who wouldn't want to escape to some of the most tranquil locations in the UK and just relax? I know I would, and this is what lodge holidays are all about. Despite the boom in overseas holidays for British residents recently, the idea of visiting holiday lodges is still going strong, and only looks set to get bigger. Let me explain why.

Staying in one of the many log cabins around the United Kingdom is an adventure in itself. Many of them are in some of the most secluded locations, although none are more than a short car ride from some major tourist destinations, so you certainly won't be short of things to do around the area. Honestly, heading to one of the many lodges is perfect for a family holiday.

So why is it perfect for a family holiday? Well, the majority of holiday lodges are more than capable of holding upwards of ten people, they are that big. Although if you wish, there are also a number of smaller lodges for you to stay in.

A great deal of lodge holidays are fully furnished. This means that you are going to be staying in a 'home away from home', which is great if you don't wish to head to a bustling tourist city to grab a bit to eat. It truly is an escape from everything, and if you bring along some food from the local supermarket then you should be more than happy to relax here for a week or so without leaving.

The great thing about lodges is that they tend to be surrounded by numerous activities for you to engage in, particularly those that are owned by the larger holiday companies. This means that you may be able to engage in lake sports, a couple of outdoor activities and more, although to be honest, you are going to be just as happy lazing about the holiday lodge. To me, this is the type of holiday that people experienced when they were younger, and by going on one you will be able to share your experiences with your children! Of course, if you are looking to do something a bit more touristy then you will be pleased to know that most will have fantastic towns and cities close by to you for you to indulge your shopping passions.

There are a lot of lodges to stay in dotted around the United Kingdom, some of the best ones are of course located in the New Forest, although pretty much any 'popular' destination you can think of will have at least some lodge holiday available for you to stay in.

Why not look into the idea of lodge holidays for your next holiday? You will be surprised at the amount of locations you have at your disposal, and just how cheap the majority of them are. To me, visiting a log cabin in the middle of nowhere is the epitome of a perfect family holiday.

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